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Video Surveillance by Lock Pro, LLC

Due to the growing population, security has become a real concern for Ann Arbor, Detroit & surrounding areas. Many businesses and homeowners face multiple security threats daily, such as violent crimes, theft, and vandalism. Protecting your home, work, assets, and family is a growing concern and a huge responsibility. The Lock Pro has you covered 24 hours a day with our reliable security camera systems that you can trust!

The Lock Pro offers commercial security camera installation services for home or business situations. Our network video recorders and surveillance cameras have been installed to protect daycares, schools, gated communities, homes, and just about every building you could imagine throughout Ann Arbor, Detroit, and surrounding areas.

To better secure your home or business we offer top of the line commercial security cameras to our customers with the option for wireless systems. We stand by our work and make it our goal to build a reputation on integrity, quality and customer service.


IP based cameras

Wireless camera systems

New wire runs

Ring Installation

Camera perimeter assessment

Video surveillance



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