Re-keying Locks or Replacing Locks?

Pin kit used to re-key residential & commercial locks

Re-keying locks

When re-keying a lock, the locksmith removes the springs, bottom pins, and top pins in the lock cylinder and replaces them with new pins and springs that work with a brand new and different key. If the lock is malfunctioning or a totally different style is warrantied, many locks can be re-keyed and kept in great working condition. If you have to jiggle your key to get the lock to work, a simple re-key will fix the problem.

The top common reasons to rekey your locks is to maintain key control when there’s a change in possession of a property. Key control means auditing for all keys made to open the locks. It provides for added security and protection of your belongings. When keys are given out, key control is lost. Certainly, with a previously owned home, you don’t know who might have had access to the keys. In newly built homes, contractors have had access to the keys.

In many housing communities, locks are on a construction master key. The homeowner in most cases may never know that the contractors have a key that will open all doors in that housing community. Re-keying removes the master pins which will eliminate the possibility of another key opening your locks.

Re-keying allows a locksmith to check out the condition of the lock and how it was installed. Usually, problems can be amended without replacing the lock. Locks are lubricated after being re-keyed, which will make the lock mechanism operate much more smoothly. When worst comes to worst, problems may be discovered that may indicate you replacing the lock.

24 Hour Key Replacement

During certain circumstances, your locks must be replaced. Locks get wear and tear, oftentimes past the point where a re-key can’t fix their function. It’s always a great idea to upgrade your locks for safety and security reasons. When you consider the people and property your locks are protecting, it only makes sense to buy and install quality lock hardware. Consult with a professional at The Lock Pro to learn about what lock system you need and get it professionally installed.

Some may want to replace their locks for decorative reasons or to accommodate disabilities to be ADA compliant. For example, lever handle locks are easier to operate than a knob. Deadbolts are your main source for security if installed by a trained professional locksmith. Electronic locks are getting more popular, but keep in mind that what they offer is greater convenience, not security. Replacing your lock with a high-security lock is a small price to pay to keep your personal property and your family safe.

Consult with a local locksmith from The Lock Pro to determine what you need. Re-keying is the more affordable option but may not always be the BEST option. If you’re leaning towards replacing your locks, your locksmith will have access to higher quality lock hardware than what is commonly found at hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes. We offer 24-hour key replacement and can always provide our expert opinion. Call today for a free quote!

Re-key locks

What Can a Professional Locksmith Do For You?

The thought of a locksmith conjures up an image of a person cutting keys and repairing misshapen locks by hand. That age is long gone, as times have changes and technology has advanced. The certified, professional locksmiths at The Lock Pro, provide a wide variety of commercial and residential services that speak of expertise and professionalism.

However, it would be foolhardy to fall for scams and engage with the first man who claims to be a skilled professional locksmith near you. Trying to gain entrance into a locked office that has the key missing might be achieved by contacting a 24 hour emergency locksmith in your vicinity. However, a commercial locksmith will also have the acumen to change the locks so that no miscreants can get inside and clean out your office.

Moreover, a certified professional locksmith will certainly be able to assist you by providing you with a master key while your employees are given limited access to specific areas. This not only helps you to operate effectively but the chances of a security breach happening are slim, allowing you to obtain a peace of mind as never before.

The Lock Pro’s professional locksmith services also extend to installing security cameras so you do not have to worry about break-ins during the night. You may not want to alert the trespassers and offenders lurking about by revealing the long stretch of cables leading to the security cameras. No worries! The best locksmith in town will be able to provide you with discretion by positioning the camera wirelessly as well.

Keep your business, home, and valuables safe with the help of your local professional locksmith. Our services at The Lock Pro range widely across commercial, residential, and automotive locks. Contact us for any kind of access or lack of it including surveillance. Our team of locksmiths are well versed with the Federal & State regulations and will be able to give you great value for money. Call us today for a trusted, professional locksmith service that is guaranteed.

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